You Don’t Need a New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year!

Happy New Decade!!

Yesterday, we had our annual New Year’s Day Webinar and had a big group of people join us to get their 2020 jump started. So many participants also took advantage of the special offers for the FABI 2020 Event.

Since I am not much of a party guy, I spent most of New Year’s Eve watching a variety of specials on TV that my parents and my nieces were watching.  I kept hearing people talk about their New Year’s resolution. I felt it was silly banter and most people had to come up with something because the producer of the show wanted them to do so, but few had any interest in actually following through.  I was half watching and listening but then woke up in the middle of the night thinking about what they were saying.

I realize that I never make a New Year’s resolution. I’ve always felt like they are just meaningless and empty thoughts.  I prefer to try and create habits and improvements on things that, upon reflection, need to be changed.

Take a look at this week’s video where I talk about how to think about creating those plans for 2020 and avoid the empty promise of a New Years resolution.

Have a great week.


P.S.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to attend the FABI 2020 Event.  I GUARANTEE it will change your 2020 and decade.

Go to to register today.

Here is a comment I received this morning from someone who has been a part of FABI for 7 years:

“Since first becoming involved in FABI, it has truly been a life-altering experience both professionally and personally. Each year there has been an exponential growth in the practice. 2019, with the addition of an amazing new Associate, saw almost a 30% increase in revenue while working one less day each week. My personal life could not be better as I now have a truly wonderful partner that I look forward to spending each and every day with. Only with the continued motivation and inspiration from you, Lowell, as well as my fellow Master Minders over the years have I achieved greater success than I ever imagined I could have achieved on my own…….From the bottom of my heart, this older guy truly appreciates your devotion and commitment to us…..I am absolutely certain that on Dec. 31, 2030 I will be able to look back and say “WOW”…..thank you all!!”

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