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Come Take A Walk With Me…

Here in Illinois, we’ve been “shelter in place” since Saturday.  The last week feels like a month. So much has happened. We’ve had a doctor test positive for Covid-19 and fortunately recovering without a problem.  We had two others exhibit symptoms and test negative, only to find out that one of them and their child

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Effectively Leading Through the COVID-19 Crisis

What a week it’s been.   The Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has grown worldwide and is now impacting the United States.   Super Tuesday Results have narrowed the Democratic Presidential Nominee field. The Coronavirus certainly dominates much of what is happening.  I seem to be getting emails twice/day from every hospital staff that I am on with new

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How To Deal With Practice Burnout

There is a lot of discussion in the medical world right now about practice burnout and suicide prevention for doctors.  Medical organizations are trying to address this head-on and realizing that problems start as early as medical school. Many people show signs of depression and suicidal thoughts in medical school that continue throughout their career. 

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How I Improve My Patient Care and Surgery

While you are reading this and/or watching this week’s video, I will be in San Antonio attending the ACFAS Annual Scientific Conference.  I attend this almost every year. I return each year for a number of reasons. It’s a great way to catch up with friends and to be a part of the best foot

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The Future of Podiatric and Orthopedic Relationships

I’ve been in Podiatry my whole life and there has always been at least one constant…that is the relationship – or not so relationship – between our profession and orthopedics. I remember my dad talking about a couple of orthopedic surgeons in the community we lived in as not being very nice and bad-mouthing my

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Smoked Chicken Wings and Super Bowl Lessons

On Super Bowl Sunday, I got to combine two of my favorite things, cooking, and football. They do often go hand in hand.   Every year, my wife and I prepare a game watching feast and this year was no different. Usually, we cook and eat very healthy but seem to throw that out the window

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