Discover How to Profitably Grow a Successful Podiatric Practice With Our 7 Key Pillars During Our LIVE Virtual Event!

You went to school to learn medicine, not business. But is your practice thriving, or simply surviving?

Doctors, not gurus.

Real people who solved real problems that are eager to share with you the innovative business solutions that took them from working IN their business all of the time, to working ON their business.

The FABI partners not only work incredibly hard, but they work SMART. Spending time with family is key. You’ll see them on the fairway at the country club, and you’ll see them out in their communities.

Learn from Industry Leaders

At FABI, you have a team of top notch surgeons coming together to share best strategies on how to build your business. Take your practice to the million or multi-million dollar level with a wealth of information from those who actually live what you live and do what you do. Doctors, not vendors.

It’s unprecedented.

FABI is breaking down barriers for practice and patient care. When we collaborate, opportunities increase for everyone. Join doctors from all around the world that are ready to embrace this new way of thinking – and benefit from implementing their frameworks to generate huge results.


And at FABI, you’ll learn from Doctors who are thriving, not just surviving.

Learn Directly From The Industry Leaders

Lowell Weil, JR., DPM, MBA

Entrepreneur and C.E.O Weil Foot & Ankle Institute
Founder, Foot & Ankle Business Innovations

"Building a successful medical organization is a careful combination of innovation and stability. We built a renowned multi–office practice using proven business strategies to increase our efficiencies – which leaves more time for real innovation to occur. Innovation + efficiency = profit."

Matthew Dairman, DPM MS

Founder/Director, 1Foot 2Foot Centre for Foot and Ankle Care
Partner, Foot and Ankle Business Innovations

“It’s okay to be a doctor and an entrepreneur. An intentional practice is a healthier practice. Consistently provide more in value than you receive in payment, be more creative than competitive and you will enjoy the business of medicine as much as the practice of medicine.”

Dr. Christopher Milkie, DPM

Partner, Milwaukee Foot and Ankle Specialists
Partner, Foot and Ankle Business Innovations

"Becoming a Business Practitioner has always been important to running a successful company but never more than now given the current healthcare arena. Efficiencies in finance, marketing and people management are the drivers of creating a profitable business. FABI shows doctors how to make that happen."

What Our Clients Saying

“I just completed a program with Chris Milkie. My young practice was transformed into a thriving business using Chris’s tools. We now have two very busy doctors, a marketing system, a highly engaged team, more revenue and systems. My confidence and capability as a business owner has sky-rocketed. I’m not nearly as nervous about a foot and ankle orthopedist coming to town as I would have been two years ago.”

Thomas Lyman, DPM
"FABI Mastermind has totally transformed the way I think about my practice. We have strategic workshops and presentations covering everything from new innovations in Podiatric Medicine and how to increase your 'bottom line' to Advertising and relationships with family and employees. The Mastermind Group taught me how to focus on the numbers and the outcomes which can drive your practice to new heights. I have seen tremendous progress in my attitude and the attitudes of all of my employees including Associates just by the implementation of some of the concepts from FABI Mastermind."

Jondelle Jenkins, DPM
"During our first 8 months of FABI our practice has grown 140K. Our Initial office visits (IOV) have increased from 13-20% and we are on par to having a 20% increase in our personal salaries. Most importantly, I have become a better person. I never thought I would be so excited to go to work everyday, to follow through with my daily goals, to see our 3-year and even 5-year plan. It’s one thing to be a great Doctor but thanks to FABI I understand how to finally take my practice to the next level."

Craig Shapero, DPM
"I have also added MLS laser therapy and we are currently scheduling between 40-50 laser appointments per week and growing. This month I am on pace for over $10,000 in laser collections and have hired two laser techs to support it. So far this year our per patient value is up 10%, net collections are up 10%, new patient volume is up 10%, and I am on pace for a 20% increase of orthotics in my Renton office alone."

Mark Lewis, DPM
"Bringing Dr. Milkie into my business was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. He uncovered a number of opportunities that will easily result in over six figures of increased revenue. My team is more motivated and engaged than ever. Having just celebrated 10 years in practice I couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds after spending this consulting day. Whether your practice is shrinking, stagnant or growing you would unquestionably benefit from investing in Dr. Milkie’s services."

Michael Chin, DPM
“I can honestly say that hiring Chris was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself, my family and my associates. I’m confident Chris’ recommendations will result in at least an extra $250,000-$300,000 in revenue this year alone. I’m getting immediate value after just 12-15 hours of extremely impactful work. Whether you have a six-figure business or are generating multiple millions, Chris can help you achieve a much higher level.”

Walt Ellis, DPM

Here’s What We Are Going To DO!


Revenue First! FABI's hallmark approach—we will walk you through the very same tactics we use to generate high value patients & more revenue. This includes...
  • Create your vision so you can stay focus on what's important and identify if you are in build stage, growth stage, or scale stage.
  • Learn the single most effective approach to becoming the leader that a million-dollar practice needs to have (without it, everything will crumble)
  • ​Dr. Chris Milkie's 'Cash Services' strategy to increase cash flow right away
  • ​The 'Top 5' priorities for 2022 to attract the high quality patients you deserve.
This is a roll up your sleeves and get to work kind of day, integrating our 'Revenue' first approach into your very own practice.


Now that we know how to generate consistent new patients and cashflow, we are ready to dive into your numbers to increase profitability...
  • Discover why knowing your revenue is only part of the equation and the importance of understanding which services are actually decreasing profit in your practice
  • Get exclusive access to the latest marketing campaign to increase ROI (return on investment) so you can run profitable marketing campaigns with confidence
  • ​Put your practice through Lowell's 'Practice Valuation' exercise to maximize your bottom line and profitability
  • ​Learn what service has the highest profit margins and how to attract more high value patients that are begging for this service
Walk away with actionable steps to help you increase profitability right away.


Our last day together is devoted to putting strategies into action and systemize everything so you can live your life.
  • Get clear on how to shift your mindset from 'working in the business' to 'working on the business'
  • ​Learn how to become the leading authority in your marketplace and why becoming the 'go-to' podiatric practice increases referrals
  • Discover how to create a 'lifestyle practice' that gives you freedom to live your life instead of living to work 
  • Understand Lowell's 'Revenue Cycle' and 'Billing Pearls' when dealing with Medicare and Insurance companies to maximize receivables.
Now you are ready to hit the ground running for 2022 and beyond! Ready. Set. Go!

FABI Guarantee

If at the end of the first day, you don’t feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth, reach out to our support line and FABI will refund you the cost of admission! No Questions Asked!!

The FABI business model gets you home to your family – with plenty of time to hit the links (or whatever you do to relax and rejuvenate).

Here’s What You’re Going To Learn!

  • Capture all the revenue that you generate.
  • Manage your cash flow.
  • Maximize efficiency with the right software, and the right skills to use it.
  • Learn how to manage clients post surgery.
  • Is it right for you to bring in new associates or merge practices?
  • Finding the hidden money: 20 numbers to put under the microscope
  • Leveraging your team for greater outcomes and revenue
  • The Million-Dollar Associate
  • Exam Room Marketing: Growing Your Practice from the Inside Out
  • Is it right for you to bring in new associates or merge practices?
  • What's the ROI for large scale investments in equipment?
  • How can you best capturing ancillary revenue, including the big profits that can come from adding small retail sales to your practice?
  • What role does research play in making your practice millions?
  • How can you build relationships with clients to increase revenue and referrals?
  • Expand Your Capability to Explode Your Business
  • Setting the Bar for Practice Success
  • Using the FABI Formula to Engineer a New Growth Curve
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