The Profitable Practice Mastermind

Double Your Income, Improve Efficiency,
and Confidently Lead Your Team to Success

Grow Your Practice
Improve Patient Care
Improve Your Quality of Life
Lowell Weil, JR., DPM, MBA

Entrepreneur and C.E.O
Weil Foot & Ankle Institute
Founding Partner, Foot & Ankle Business Innovations

Building a successful medical organization is a careful combination of innovation and stability.

This transformational mastermind will teach you proven business strategies to increase your efficiencies – which leaves more time for real innovation to occur. Innovation + efficiency = profit.

Together with our faculty, we’ll help you expand your mindset, provide you a better toolkit, and improve your approach to profitability and patient care.

What Are People Saying?

Darren Silvester

Just a note to thank you for the great weeks
and past year. Our lives are so much better thanks
to FABI. It truly has been a life-changing experience.
I hope it’s even better next year and to keep the
progress going.

Craig Shapero

My business partner and I began our Profitable
Practice Mastermind Membership by creating a
90-day strategy and 3 and 5-year goals. We also
committed to becoming a 2 million dollar practice
along with giving ourselves a 17% increase in our

Darren Silvester

When I started in the Profitable Practice
Mastermind my practice was in a state of
transition and turmoil. I needed more associate
doctors, I couldn’t get contracts for my surgery
center, I had too many patients, my staff was
disorganized, my phone system...

Mark Lewis

Before I joined FABI my work/life balance was
unhealthy. I was chasing charts, had little
innovation, and felt stagnant and professionally
isolated. I decided to attend FABI in February
2019 in Miami. I brought an open mind, my desire
for greater freedom, and my key employee...

Craig McLaws

“Impossible in a rural setting”. That’s what I was
told soon after taking over a little practice in
northern Wyoming. My dream was to develop a
practice with multiple locations and doctors
providing care and helping others as I supported
myself, my staff and our families...

Paul Ross

In 2013, the year I started with FABI my practice
income was just under $800,000......the same as
it had been for several years with no appreciable
growth. At that time I was entering my 35th year
practicing solo in two offices with 3 personnel. I
was fatigued, disenchanted with practice...

Jondelle Jenkins

When I started working with FABI I owned a
relatively lucrative private practice for 25 plus
years and was at a financial plateau suffering
from serious 'physician burnout'. I had 5
Associates and was faced with the grave reality
that--- 'it is lonely at the top'...

Ben Marble

When I joined FABI, there was some immediate
results that justified the decision. The low hanging
fruit that Lowell and the Faculty helped me to see
in my practice were just what the doctor ordered!


Together with our faculty, we’ll show you how to:

  • Attract the best and brightest individuals
  • Achieve a better quality of life for you and your team
  • Improve your approach to profitability and patient care
  • Embrace innovation to increase the value of your business
You’ll join a small group of like-minded practice owners, committed to meeting three times a year to laser coach around obstacles, champion quarterly progress, and report back on results for ultimate accountability.

Why We Created The Profitable Practice Mastermind

This exclusive mastermind was created to help you think about YOUR next big move.

I understand that sometimes “the struggle is real.” Maybe you’re going at it alone, or maybe you lack the accountability to stick with a plan of action.

When you join, you’ll have access to a support group that will champion you and help you overcome the obstacles that are standing in the way of your success.

We have designed this mastermind to support YOUR big goals.

Support and Accountability to Put Your Big Vision into Action

We’ll make it easy for you to embrace new innovations, seek out new efficiencies, increase your profitability, and commit to better patient care.

This includes an initial audit of your practice, monthly group calls to determine your vision and core values, and in-person meetings in various locations where we’ll focus on building your practice together.

You’ll also get access to a closed group chat where you can post questions, celebrate your big wins, and get support and accountability from faculty and other like-minded members throughout your entire journey.

How do I join?

Joining the mastermind is a limited opportunity for eligible applicants.

The only way to apply is by attending the FABI Annual Conference. At FABI 2020, we will be opening up the mastermind for new members and we look forward to seeing you there.

Based on our previous results, most members double their investment. Some members have even generated 5-15X their investment!

A quick look at our stats:

  • After our first year of The Profitable Practice Mastermind we achieved a 100% renewal rate with our members.
  • Over the past 5 years, we have achieved greater than 90% renewals.

It is possible to run a thriving practice without sacrificing your family life.

It is possible to pay off your debts and have the time and energy to make investments in your business that improve profitability and patient care.

It is possible to get the confidence to lead your team and have a practice that attracts the best and the brightest.
My wish for you is that this becomes your breakout year, where you turn dreams you thought were beyond your reach into a reality.

And it’s easier when you have the support of your mentors, a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and enhanced opportunities for practice success.

We have a limited number of spots and you can only sign up at the 2020 FABI Annual Conference.

We require applications to assess your level of commitment and to make sure you are a good fit for this tight knit community.

Ready to increase revenue, measure success, and get the support and accountability to transform your personal and professional life?

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